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what is emotional release processing?

Negative belief systems and heavy emotions can block joy, abundance, health, and progress. The emotional release process is designed to free the body of these limiting influences and open the way to new possibilities. Though the four steps generally take about the same amount of time as it takes to watch a movie, most people remark that they feel they have made major strides in only one session.

Examples of issues that can be addressed through the emotional release process include relationships, health, prosperity, self-image, parenting, loss, and more. All ages can benefit from processing and it can be done face-to-face or over the phone. Emotional release processing can unlock the pathway to a life of greater health, freedom, and happiness.

What is a processing session like?

Emotional Release Processing is made up of four main steps.  View this 27-minute video to see portions of an actual process, filmed and shared with permission from the client.

“I am now so much closer to the person I have always known I was inside.”


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“I have never in my entire life felt so free… It’s like my spirit was drowning and is finally able to breathe.”


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“I have been to therapy multiple times… but nothing compares to this experience.”


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